Gwendolyn’s 1st Birthday

September 13th– I had the privilege to not only see a friend from high-school, after so many years, but to meet her lovely little girl Gwendolyn. She was so adorable. I met with them at a lovely location I recently found here in Orlando just around the corner from me. Its called Shadow Bay Park. This place has 2 ponds, 2 playgrounds, over a mile worth of a walking trail. Tons of wonderful scenery and even has courts, basketball, tennis, and baseball!


This little girl absolutely loved the scenery and especially loved looking at the pond from the wooden walkway. She was so lovable, smiley and just a ham! It was such a pleasure to work with this little girl. Momma is doing right by the smiles she was giving off for the session!

I think little Gwen loved the cake the most though, She kept eye balling it the entire time. When we walked for a good half mile with a cake in a chair, and all the props through the trail all she wanted was cake. We sat the cake down she was going for it. Took it out of the box and she wanted it and almost got it right away! Now most kids especially 1 yr old’s don’t normally dive right into it. Usually they look, inspect it, and MAYBE stick there finger in it and taste it. No this little girl just went to town. She knew what she was getting into. I had such a blast with this session!

I hope you all enjoy the images from it.

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Mr. & Mrs. Anhalt

June 10 2015– I get a message to photograph a wedding here in Orlando. Now, I just moved to Orlando, June 1st, so I was super excited to already of gotten a curious, possible, first new client out here. After responding, sending the quote, i received a followup message to book her wedding date. Now I was screaming on the inside with joy! New client, new place, new start… this is going to be great! This lovely couple lives in Hawaii, I mean Hawaii of all places! Finding me on Facebook, what are the odds, but back to the story.

July 22nd– I met them at there venue, The Acre Orlando, this location to start off blew me away. Its not a huge location, but for an intimate smaller style wedding this is the most perfect location you could possible ask to have a home style feel, vintage theme wedding. The place to get ready in was gorgeous, perfect lighting even when it started to rain. They have lots of color, trees, 2 homes, a barn, an old vintage tin van, like a ice cream truck or a food truck, a vine wall building with mirrors inside what looked like could be a perfect dance floor setting. I mean it was just beautiful! The staff was very nice and welcoming, helpful to the bride and grooms needs based off what i saw. I just fell in love with the location.

Talking to the Bride and Groom, they just loved simplicity, nothing over the top. I personally like simple beautiful weddings. People are more mellow, not rushed, guests are not overloaded and it just makes the day run smoothly and well easier on the body and mind.  Talking to them i felt really comfortable, and felt like i already knew them. They gave a great first impression. After seeing the location, meeting the lovely couple, I couldn’t wait for Saturday to hurry up and come already.

July 25th– The Wedding Day. I showed up 30 mins prior to the guest arriving to make sure i could grab all the photos i would need of the Decor, and get some time to photograph the bride and groom getting ready before there walk to becoming Husband and Wife. When i went upstairs I just loved everything, the peacock feathers, The bouquet , to the perfect wedding dress. I loved it all!

I walked around the Venue to photograph her Decor and I was so impressed on the simple style, looked so elegant and vintage. I think this has got to be my favorite wedding ever photographed. The brides friend helped get decorations placed, all the vendors were on time, the help at the venue was great! They wiped of the seats after the rain, put things inside, and outside when needed. There were on top of customer service along with checking how everything was during there special day! I loved how everything was set up and the DIY items were so cute!

The entire ceremony ended up being inside due to rain, but thankfully they had an inside area for the ceremony to take place at this venue which still made this a great experience for everyone. They said there i dos, and went to food and drinks. During there cocktail hour time, I took advantage of spending some time with the bride and groom and capturing some images of just the two of them. We had a lot of fun, even in the raining parts!

Overall this was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t be happier with everything!

Congrats to you both!

It was such a pleasure photographing this unique and simply stunning wedding.

More images will be posted in my weddings section of my portfolio. You can check out more of my work at a couple websites.

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Brandy Page